Each sport, activity, and club operating at Liberty North is required to have an Eagle Club Parent Representative. This person’s most fundamental job is to act as the liaison between Eagle Club and their group.

The Eagle Club Parent Rep can be a parent or the sponsor/coach, who must meet the responsibilities outlined below. For larger groups, the Parent Rep may assign sub-chairs assigned to assist in completion of the duties below. These sub-chairs must be reported to the EC Board for communication purposes and will receive all the same communication as the main Parent Rep. Any questions about these duties should be directed to the Eagle Club President.

Parent Reps Will:

  • Be a member of Eagle Club.

  • Ensure that as many parents and students as possible from the club become Eagle Club members during the fall membership drive, communicating the benefits of Eagle Club to their club.

  • Ensure that all coaches/sponsors from their group are members of Eagle Club.

  • Attend monthly Eagle Club meetings to represent their sport/activity (second Wednesday of each month, except December). If they cannot attend, they will send a representative in their place.

  • Communicate any Eagle Club updates back to the coach/sponsor and parents.

  • Ensure that the financial ledger for the club represents any money which has gone in/out of the account and is accurate to the best of their knowledge. If a detailed monthly ledger is desired, please request from

  • Act as a liaison between Eagle Club and their club, soliciting support, volunteers, and participation in various events and activities throughout the year as needed.

  • Approve all requests for funds from the club’s account, and submit them, along with appropriate receipts, to Eagle Club Treasurer for reimbursement or payment within 30 days.

  • Sign up their group to work at least 3 concession shifts during the year and ensure that they recruit parent volunteers from their group to work those events (sign-ups take place at the August meeting).

  • Obtain approval for all fundraisers which will be executed by the group during the school year at the August meeting (requests must be submitted in writing, detailing the name of the fundraiser, reason for fundraising, percentage of profits the group/students receive, and specific information about the product sold or activity planned). Groups will receive approval from the Athletic Director and/or Eagle Club Fundraising/Concessions Chair.

  • Be sure the group asks for permission, in writing, for any equipment which the group would like to borrow from Eagle Club at any time.

  • Keep general notes for subsequent Activity Chairs to use as reference.

  • Set a tone of active, consistent, positive communication for your group.

  • Communicate any donation requests from your group to Eagle Club to be voted on by the EC Executive Board.

At the discretion of the group Coach/Sponsor, the Activity Chairperson may also*:

  • Help the coach/sponsor set a budget for the group for the year based on the balance of their EC account and planned fundraising activities.

  • Assist with uniform/equipment distribution.

  • Assist with team meals for away games or other reasons.

  • Assist with planning of the end of season banquet/festivities.

  • Email/text parents of the group with coach/sponsor updates.

  • Assist with maintaining the group Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

  • Request donation items from local businesses or suppliers for use by your group (a letter can be provided to the donor for tax purposes).

*These tasks may be performed by the Parent Rep themselves, or by soliciting help from other group parents.


Working Eagle Club Concessions should be your group’s first priority for fundraising. Your sport or club may also conduct your own fundraising outside of Concessions if necessary, to raise additional funds. To hold a fundraiser outside of Eagle Club Concessions on school grounds or during school hours (for example - selling t-shirts, candy bars, cookie dough, etc., or hosting any other event), your organizations must have worked at least three Concessions dates during the school year. Should your group not work the minimum of three Concession dates, they will not be eligible to conduct their own fundraising during the current year or next year.

Fundraisers outside of Eagle Club Concessions must be approved in advance at the start of each school year by bringing the details of the fundraiser and requested dates to the first Eagle Club meeting in August. They will then be reviewed by the Athletic Director and/or Eagle Club Fundraising/Concession Chair and you will be given final approval/denial of the request. Once approved your dates will be included on the Fundraising Calendar. Maintaining a calendar of all ongoing fundraisers allows more opportunity for a successful fundraiser by not scheduling multiple fundraisers at the same time.

If the need to fundraise comes up later in the year, the group must get written approval in advance by emailing the details of the fundraiser and requested dates to A written approval or denial will be provided to you.

Clubs and sports can do fundraisers during the summer months without approval if they are not on school grounds.


The Eagle Club operates as a not-for-profit entity. Funds are raised by membership, fundraisers, and donations. The General Budget funds activities such as staff dinners, staff appreciation week, scholarships for seniors, and activities aimed at enhancing the high school experience.

Each organization, club, and sport within the school has an opportunity to have an individual serve as a representative on Eagle Club. Each organization, sport, and club also have the means of fundraising and collecting donations under the Eagle Club’s 501(c)3 status. Eagle Club has in place an extensive tracking policy for monies collected and allocated to which each organization must adhere.

Each organization, club, and sport within the Eagle Club has equal representation. Eagle Club recognizes there may be occasional requests for extra financial support from the General Budget of the club. The funding for each organization, club, and sport will be primarily generated from their individual efforts.

If a request is presented to the Eagle Club Executive Board for consideration, the following considerations will be considered:

  • Status of the general funds should be verified by the Treasurer – are there funds available?

  • It this is a true need or wish?

  • How many students/faculty/community individuals will be benefited from this request?

  • Will a large group of students benefit from the request?

  • as the organization made or are they making any effort to raise funds on their own?

  • Is the request something the district should be funding?

  • Does the request benefit existing students currently enrolled at LNHS (required)?

Once a request is presented in writing, the President of the Eagle Club will talk with the lead administrator regarding the request. If the request is something that should be handled by the school, the request will be turned over to the school. If the request is approved by the Lead Administrator, but not appropriate for the school budget, the request will be presented to the Executive Board of the LNHS Eagle Club where the following will happen:

  • Any request being presented to the LNEC, regardless of the financial amount, must be discussed and voted on by the LNEC Executive Board Officers.

  • Information regarding the request may be sent by email, however, the actual discussion and vote must be done in a personal contact meeting.

  • If the request falls within the approved annual budget, the Executive Board vote will be final.

  • If the request requires reallocation or increasing of funds to the approved annual budget, the request must be approved by the general membership.

  • The criteria above will be taken into consideration by all who vote in making their decision.

  • Approved requests will be paid by the Treasurer and will require an accompanying request for funds as outlined below.


Eagle Club is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. A copy of the tax ID document is available for members HERE and should be used when making purchases. You can also find a copy of the Request for Funds voucher HERE as well.

General Instructions:

  • Any transaction for the Treasurer should be left in the Eagle Club safe located in the LNHS office in a deposit envelope.

  • Monthly summarized financial updates will be provided no later than the 15th of each month HERE.

  • If desired, the Activity Chairperson can request a copy of their sport/activity’s monthly detailed ledger from the Eagle Club Treasurer at

  • The Eagle Club Treasurer can be reached at

  • All forms can be found on our website.

Process for request for funds BEFORE the purchase is made:

  • A voucher request form must be completed for the item and signed by both the Activity Chairperson and Coach/Sponsor.

  • Voucher must be submitted, along with paperwork outlining what the expense is for, at least 2 weeks before the check or payment is needed for the item.

  • Requests for cash boxes for events also fall into this category and should include the date and event for which you will need a cash box.

  • All voucher requests must be approved by the President and the Treasurer.

Process for request for funds AFTER the purchase is made:

  • A voucher request form must be completed for the item and signed by both the Activity Chairperson.

  • A receipt for the item must be included.

  • Instructions for who the reimbursement check should be written should be included on the form.

  • All voucher requests must be approved by the President and the Treasurer.

  • Allow 2 weeks for reimbursement.

  • Eagle Club does not reimburse for taxes!

To Request reimbursement through Eagle Club, no matter if it's for yourself, a coach or an outside vendor (i.e. pregame meals),

    • ALL receipts are REQUIRED to have the Eagle Club Request Form. For TEAM MEALS whether it is yourself OR through the Athletic Department (Heather Callura) you MUST retain a copy of the receipt and submit it, along with the Eagle Club Request Form. There are Multiple sports going on at the same time, so having the Athletic Administration submit your receipt does NOT mean the Treasurer(s) will know which account to send from.

    • Below are some examples of Eagle Club Request Forms filled out. Please use these as a guide.

Process for deposit of fundraiser/event earnings:

  • A deposit envelope must be completed with all funds earned.

  • Money should be counted, and the envelope filled out accordingly.

  • Please be sure to clearly indicate the group name and fundraiser/event name and date(s).

  • DO NOT TURN IN LARGE AMOUNTS OF COINS (such as from candy and other similar fundraisers). Please go to your bank and exchange change for bills before completing the Eagle Club deposit and turning it in.

  • Deposits should be left in the Eagle Club safe in the office mail room.

Concession Deposit Envelopes:

Please remember we have multiple sports going on at the same time, sometimes all three venues (Stadium, Fieldhouse & The Yard) have activities at the same time. If you do not put (a) location, (b) the sport/activity/club working, and (c) name and number of the parent in charge, you may not be paid for your time worked.