Each sport, activity, and club operating at Liberty North for which Eagle Club manages funds is required to have an Eagle Club Parent Representative.  This person’s most fundamental job is to act as the liaison between Eagle Club and their group. 

Parent Representatives shall follow these guidelines:

In addition, Parent Reps will: 

At the discretion of the group Coach/Sponsor, the Activity Chairperson may also*: 

 *These tasks may be performed by the Parent Rep themselves, or by soliciting help from other group parents. 


Working Eagle Club Concessions should be your group’s first priority for fundraising.  Your sport or club may also conduct your own fundraising outside of Concessions if necessary, to raise additional funds.  To hold a fundraiser outside of Eagle Club Concessions on school grounds or during school hours (for example - selling t-shirts, candy bars, cookie dough, etc., or hosting any other event), your organization must have worked their required concession shifts during the previous school year.  

Fundraisers outside of Eagle Club Concessions must be approved in advance at the start of each school year by bringing the details of the fundraiser and requested dates to the first Eagle Club meeting in August.  They will then be reviewed by the Athletic Director and/or Eagle Club Fundraising/Concession Chair and you will be given final approval/denial of the request.  Once approved your dates will be included on the Fundraising Calendar.  Maintaining a calendar of all ongoing fundraisers allows more opportunity for a successful fundraiser by not scheduling multiple fundraisers at the same time.

 If the need to fundraise comes up later in the year, the group must get written approval in advance by emailing the details of the fundraiser and requested dates to A written approval or denial will be provided to you.

Dining nights during the year or fundraisers that happen over the summer months do not need prior approval unless they require use of school facilities.


The Eagle Club operates as a not-for-profit entity.  Funds are raised by membership, concessions, and donations.  The General Budget funds activities such as staff dinners, staff appreciation week, scholarships for seniors, and activities aimed at enhancing the high school experience.

Each organization, club, and sport within the school has an opportunity to have an individual serve as a representative on Eagle Club.  Each organization, sport, and club also have the means of fundraising and collecting donations under the Eagle Club’s 501(c)3 status.  Eagle Club has in place an extensive tracking policy for monies collected and allocated to which each organization must adhere.


Eagle Club is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  A copy of the tax ID document is available for members HERE and should be used when making purchases.  You can also find a copy of the Fund Request Form voucher HERE as well. 

General Instructions: 

Process for request for funds BEFORE the purchase is made: 

Process for request for funds AFTER the purchase is made: 

Process for deposit of fundraiser/event earnings:

Concession Deposit Envelopes:

Please remember we have multiple sports going on at the same time, sometimes all three venues (Stadium, Fieldhouse & The Yard) have activities at the same time.  If you do not put (a) location, (b) the sport/activity/club working, and (c) name and number of the parent in charge, you may not be paid for your time worked.